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Animal Advocates Committee – Decorating for the Holidays


What amazing work by Animal Advocates Committee!  Their efforts help animals find a new home, so their hard work is definitely worth it.  The decorations will be up for the month of December.


Thanks to Jeri who ordered the picture frame ornaments (dog and cat) that Animal Advocates Committee donated from their budget to give away to anyone who adopts an animal in the month of December.  Jeri not only negotiated a discount, but she wrote 2107 AFV on each ornament (almost 100 of them).  Jeri put these ornaments on a tree behind the front desk and it looked amazing.  Each person put their special talent to work (and you all worked hard).  Every tree that was decorated was unique and beautiful, every wrapped box was spruced up to look like a special gift, every nook and cranny had something festive placed there and every room had someone’s creative holiday touch.  It all came together to produce something that we can all be proud of and that will put a smile on many faces during the month of December and provide a holiday spirit that hopefully will inspire visitors to give our furry friends a new home.  Together we made it all happen.   J

P.S. A special thank you to Wayne (Juanita’s nephew).  He did an amazing job organizing the trees, putting lights on trees, moving trees and being able to reach the top of the tree to put an angel on top.

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