Environmental Education Collaborative

On Thursday, February 25, 2016 the Environmental Education Collaborative held the second annual symposium at the Living Desert in Palm Desert. The Temecula Valley Women’s Club was represented by Chris Rios, from the Santa Rosa Plateau Nature Education Foundation and Margaret Meyncke, from the Sierra Club.

There is a critical need for environmental education and this was a great opportunity for local educators to connect with a growing movement. The EE is a result of three years of effort to establish a network of educators within Riverside and San Bernardino counties. They are creating a framework where local educators can have a source of funding, share information, ideas, and resources. By using the collaborative idea, they want to ensure grassroots participation and collective empowerment for the long term. The objective is to preserve, protect and grow environmental education programs so that every child experiences nature every day.

Our next generation will be facing a unique challenge of finding the balance between technology and nature. Unless we can inspire a love of nature in ourselves and our children, there will be no environmental stewards to explore, enjoy and protect the planet.

Having held two annual symposiums to launch this initial effort, the EE are now strategically poised to facilitate quarterly connections. Everyone is urged to participate. Get connected through the website www.enviredcollaborative.com or Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/EECollaborative.

Together we can make a difference!

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