Murrieta Library Committee

The Murrieta Library is a true gem. 

Did you know that tutorials and sample tests are available for people who might be interested in a career with the U.S. Post Office, or nursing or civil service? Or did you know that the library offers a College Preparation Center online with practice tests available for SAT, ACT, etc or has tuition funding resources available?

Through Brain Fuse, they even have one-on-one live help. Mango is a language learning program that gives Rosetta Stone–like training at no cost to card carrying library members. Through One Touch Digital and Gutenberg programs, more than 42,000 eBooks are available online at no cost and inside the library, many thousand more books-on-tape. 

TVWC donates thousands of hours and resources to the library. Their purchase of the AWE Digital Learning Solutions makes learning to read, learning about geography, and science and math a great deal of fun for children. TVWC’s Library committee works with Friends of the Murrieta Library to make available many programs that might otherwise have been outside the library’s budget.

Over the years TVWC has donated over $30,000 to the Murrieta Library and committee members have volunteered countless hours. Dedicated to assisting wherever needed, we help with shelving books, in the Heritage Room with various things such as scanning old photographs and filing them in the proper files and reformatting oral histories onto flash drives and volunteering in the Friends of the Murrieta Library Bookstores. Additionally, we participate in many of the library’s and Friends’ fundraisers and activities.          

We will be getting two to three “Little Libraries” up and running in 2016. They will be located at food pantries throughout the valley and hopefully, provide “Food for the Soul.” The Little Libraries will require keeping them stocked by committee members with books for all ages so that people may take or borrow books. Books will be donated by the Friends of the Library bookstores.