Temecula Valley Museum Committee

Who We Are

Preserving the Temecula area’s history is so very important to our club.

The Temecula Valley Museum Committee of the Temecula Valley Woman's Club shares a passion for local history, and offers help to the Museum in any way we can.

What We Do

Twice a year the Temecula Valley Museum holds its Biannual Bazaar in Sam Hicks Monument Park, Old Town Temecula.. The bazaar will run from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. The event is sponsored by the museum’s Board of Directors in cooperation with members of the Temecula Valley Women’s Club.

The Temecula Valley Museum and Sam Hicks Monument Park are located at 28314 Mercedes Street in Old Town Temecula

The Museum Committee had a “Yarn Splash” project last year —the bell— at the Museum. We wrapped the pole with sections of yarn work and cascade yarn balls with tiny bells in them on a braided rope of yarn from the bell. We also decorated the tree adjacent to the bell and hang yarn balls from the branches. Several children joined in to help splash the benches and trellis in the rose garden by the chapel at the Yarn Splash opening last June.

Past projects:

  • We've helped out at the Museum with the 'Valentine Crafts' projects for children in our community. Several children come to the Museum especially for this event; a great turnout it was! The kids made a hanging valentine mobile along with several different types of valentine cards.
  • We've helped at the Museum’s Black History Month Premiere performance of 'On My Own Terms: A Nina Simone Story.' This was held in the Wedding Chapel and there was a full house! When it comes around again, see this performance - it was beautiful and very informative at the same time.
  • We've worked in the Gift Shop during the Harley Earl Opening/Corvette Show. There were Corvettes on display throughout Old Town and the Museum showed a video story about Harley Earl who designed the first Corvette. The public was welcomed to learn a little more about the beginning of the classic Corvettes.
  • Committee members volunteer to work in the Museum’s Gift Shop
  • We coordinate the Museum’s 'Bazaar' which is always a great success!