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Visit to Serenity Garden

The Temecula Valley Woman’s Club was invited to a reception at Rancho Damacitas.  Rancho Damacitas is a group foster home in Temecula.  The Club has been assisting Rancho Damacitas for many years.  Through the Club’s Celebrating Children Committee, they have been providing “Just 4 Me” bags for children just coming into the foster care system, backpacks for back to school, “welcome home” baskets for children aging out of the system, fall baskets, etc.


In 2011 the Club took on a two-year project to build a “Serenity Garden” at Rancho Damacitas.  The Garden was to become a “jewel” on their campus and provide a serene setting for counselors to work with severely abused children.  Through much hard work and fundraising, the Garden came to fruition in 2012.  Many club members actually participated in the building of the garden.

Before picture of Serenity Garden










At the reception, members were also taken on a tour of one of the group homes and their “Ranch House” where group activities take place.  Members were able to meet and talk with some of the foster children there.  The staff at Rancho Damacitas led the tour and was wonderful in relating many of the aspects of their programs.










Our Hostesses

Our Hostesses


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