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CoChairs – Jill Selders & Lea LeBlanc

Mission Statement - The Environment Committee promotes environmental appreciation and protection. We support awareness of our natural resources and development of sustainable habits that enrich our community. Our committee works to preserve, maintain, and restore our natural resources; and contribute to the humane treatment of animals, both domestic and wild.

Cooking with Jill in Costa Rica

Enviro Mtg 6.16.21
Conservation Report Writing Award 1st Place
Conservation - Rose Garden Pond
Conservation - Penny Pines

Conservation Committee Projects:

  • Rose Haven Heritage Garden:  A $500 donation was made towards the repair of the Garden Pond.  The Gardens and Pond is a Habitat for water and land animals and open to the Public to enjoy.
  • Tree City USA:  We partner with the City of Temecula for a yearly Arbor Day   celebration to plant trees at a local community park.  It recognizes the importance trees make in our environment and community.





  • Summer Ocean’s Movie Series:  Is an Educational Discussion Group.  We watch a monthly films and meet to share our thoughts, ideas, and helpful actions that can be taken to solve the problem.
  • Penny Pines:  Raises funds for care and tree replanting in forests.  10 acres were planted in  2019 from TVWC’S contribution.
Arbor Day 2
  • Santa Rosa Ecological Reserve: Donation of funds for the Nature Education Foundation, Funds donated for the Fire Fund for benches and signage, Brew Fest; 80 Volunteer Hours and Summer Concert Series-Volunteer Hours
  • Murrieta Valley H.S: Funds donated towards Garden Club’s Greenhouse build and maintain their gardens.
  • Animal Friends of the Valley: $300 funds towards the purchase of Kitten & Puppy food, $1,000 towards Furry Kids Camp, Fore the Animals volunteer hours, Project Kitty Blankets; our members created warm, cozy blanks for kittens, AFV Holiday decorating; we spend a day decorating the Shelter with holiday spirited decor, Animal Control Officers Appreciation Day Celebration; we supply food and treats for the officers to let them know they are valued.
Conservation - Hikes2

Group Field Trips

Hikes & Walks

Conservation - Hikes