ESO Committee

Who We Are

ESO … Epsilon Sigma Omicron, a GFWC Reading Program Sorority.

Our Mission Statement for Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO):

Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO) provides a structured reading program for all members of the General Federation of Women's Clubs to encourage their pursuit of higher education and stimulate their desire for self-improvement.

ESO is an honorary society which provides a structured reading program for all members. The goal is to encourage clubwomen to pursue higher education through reading quality books from a wide variety of subjects.

*More than 60 years ago, the ESO program became a permanent part of the GFWC Education Community Service Program. Through ESO, clubwomen are given direction in planned reading for self-enrichment and personal growth. Over the years, many GFWC clubwomen have profited from this unique self-improvement program, seen as vital by the members it directly benefits.

What We Do

*A list of books in 23 categories is provided so that members read a variety of books. Short reviews are written in four different levels and certificates are given as each level is completed.

What We Support

*The purpose of ESO is to provide clubwomen with a structural reading program, which is educational and stimulates a desire for self-improvement. The following are the goals of the ESO:

  • To encourage clubwomen’s pursuit of higher education
  • To create an additional means to unite women in volunteerism
  • To develop a support network for women returning to school
  • To improve current and develop new study skills 
  • To stimulate systematic home reading and study with minimum supervision
  • To encourage the establishment of home libraries
  • To encourage the formation of reading/study/discussion groups