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Co-Chairs – Katie Burnham and Susan Nielsen

Mission Statement - The Education Committee promotes learning through literacy.

Education and Libraries

Education Committee Projects: Each year our committee supports educational projects in our community and with our members.
  • Scholarships: This year TVWC granted 24 scholarships of $1,300 each to graduating seniors from 6 local high schools for a total of $31,200! Oh, the Places You’ll Go!
  • Career Pathways: TVWC awarded 1 scholarship of $2,000 to a nursing student and 1 scholarship of $500 to a student continuing studies in culinary arts.
  • San Jacinto Scholarship: TVWC granted $1,000 to provide funds for a continuing education scholarship at Mt. San Jacinto College.
  • HOBY: TVWC sponsored 5 Sophomores from local high schools with $225 each to cover fees to attend the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar. HOBY Mission: To inspire and prepare future young leaders for a life dedicated to leadership, service, and innovation.
  • Temecula Valley Libraries: TVWC donated $1,000 to Friends of the Temecula Libraries summer reading program and $500 for Strategic Games. These games are both fun and educational and explore a topic in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics.
  • Volunteer Opportunity at RHR Public Library & Grace Mellman Community Library: Sort and sell used books that are donated to the bookstores. All proceeds from book sales provide extra services, materials, equipment, and programs for the libraries.
  • Volunteer Opportunity at Murrieta Public Library/Corner Book Store & Town Square Bookstore: The books sales provide a major source of financial support for the library.
Educaton - STEM
  • Books for Lunch: This group of club members chooses books they would like to read for the upcoming year. Each month they meet at a member’s home where we have a lively discussion and follow with lunch. This is a great way to encourage learning through READING!.
Education - books for lunch
  • Book Exchange Table: At every General Meeting, the Education Committee has a book exchange table where members can donate and/or borrow books. Any books left are donated to the libraries. If you are interested in sharing books, please donate a book to the Exchange Table and in return, you may pick up a book. We ask that you donate books in good condition which you enjoyed reading so others can enjoy them too. Don’t have a book to share? Please help yourself to a book and return it to the Book Exchange Table when you are done.

 ESO -

EPSILON SIGMA OMICRON  (ESO)  is one of the few committees of TVWC that is not volunteer-driven but rather is committed to enhancing the reading enjoyment of its members and encouraging self-enrichment and personal growth.  It was established 90 years ago as a national sorority, with California joining in 1954.

What is ESO and why do I want to join?  If you love to read, want to expand your reading horizons and want to join others in TVWC who share the same commitments, then ESO may be for you.  And, only two meetings a year!

Members read four books each from a specific set of categories, write short reports (50 words or less) on the book and periodically send those reports to the ESO Chair for review.  There are five levels of achievement, each with a certain number of books to read and make reports …and once you hit the Century Mark, the sky’s the limit!  Some of our members are on century eight or beyond!  And, you are recognized by GFWC with awards/certificates after each level is completed.

How to start? Just complete the ESO pledge form and send it to the ESO chair, who will welcome you to the group and urge you to start the Membership Level.  A book list recommended by GFWC is found on our web page as well as a listing of the current categories from which to choose.  After finishing and reporting on 16 books in 4 different categories, the Chair will guide you to the next level.

Why not try it – there is no time limit to reach or complete a particular level.  You can read at your own speed.

For more information contact Gloria Bockrath at