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Are you interested in becoming a member of the Temecula Valley Woman's Club?

Please contact our Membership Chairperson

Marva Murray,,310-562-8253

The Membership Chairman and her committee are dedicated to the growth and retention of our TVWC members. A Mentor program was implemented this year to accommodate all of our new members.

Seasoned members volunteer to mentor the new members by contacting them, introducing themselves and making sure they feel welcome when they come to our General Meeting. Seasoned members also help new members understand the By-Laws, tell them how to keep track of their hours, introduce them to the different committees they may be interested in, and just be there for them. We have a New Members Orientation Brunch functions that provide the new members the opportunity to ask questions and comment on what their experiences have been as a new member of the TVWC.


Mandatory Membership Requirements

  1. Comply with the TVWC Bylaws and Standing Rules.
  2. Attend a minimum of three general meetings annually
  3. Join and participate in one Federated Committee annually
  4. Volunteer minimum 15 hours in support of TVWC projects annually
  5. Serve at TVWC’s Holiday Home Tour / Fundraising Event two days each year
  6. Allow use of my photo in news articles, newsletters, websites, for the purpose of reporting and promoting club activities

Please do not send a check with the Membership Application. We ask that you please join us at our next General Meeting to learn more about our club. Please contact Pat for more details.