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A Great Oak

Great Oak pictures Great Oak pictures 4 Great Oak pictures 3 Great Oak pictures 2An ancient matriarch that was a sapling perhaps as far back as the dark ages lives on the Pechanga reservation and is between 1000 and 1500 years old.   Raymond Basquez, Pechanga councilman, gave tours to members of Temecula Valley Woman’s Club on April 15th and May 27th.  The tour included an overview of the ancient history of the tribe as well as the more recent development in the past 100 years in Temecula.

The trunk of the tree is 20 feet around and the branches spread 590 feet in circumference.  It is thought to be the largest indigenous oak in the United States.  Those that visited felt compelled to touch the trunk perhaps to make a connection to our ancient history.  In the future when one of our visitors is driving on  Pechanga Parkway in Temecula their minds will not go to the large Casino but rather the spectacular Great Oak that stands regally near by.