Animal Advocates Committee

Our Mission

“The TVWC Animal Advocates Federated Committee is dedicated to promoting the humane treatment and care of homeless, abused and abandoned animals in our communities. We accomplish this by supporting   animal educational programs and by pro-actively responding to the needs of these animals by partnering with non-profit organizations that support this worthy cause. "

The dedicated efforts of our committee members have been recognized by winning first place awards at the district, regional, state (CFWC) and national levels (GFWC) in the category of Conservation.

We even received a letter from one of our congressmen congratulating our efforts in the support of homeless animals. Our ladies are awesome and we have such a great time helping animals in need and partnering with our local agencies.

Our Meetings

We meet on the third Thursday of each month at 2 PM.  (See the TVWC General Calendar for changes and exceptions.... we are "dark" during the months of July and August.) 

What We Do

Our committee’s primary activities:

  • We hold monthly meetings where we plan strategies to support non-profit animal organizations and fundraising events.
  • We volunteer at these events and make silent auction baskets for the fundraising efforts.
  • We collect monthly donations for animal organizations which include dog, cat and horse food as well as supplies; sheets, towels, carpet, pillows, dog/cat beds, bleach, Dawn dish detergent (non-anti-bacterial) laundry detergent, etc.
  • We allocate monetary donations to be given to educational programs sponsored by the non-profit animal organizations.
  • We purchase items needed by the animal organizations we support (i.e. vacuum, video camera to record animal abuse cases, dog/cat/horse grooming items, steel cages, etc.).
  • We decorate the animal shelter for “Home for the Holidays,” in December, which has shown to increase animal adoptions.
  • We donated vehicles for transportation of animals for spay/neuter appointments and adoption shows.

Our committee primarily supports the Southwest Riverside 'Animal Friends of the Valleys' Animal Shelter, (AFV) our local animal shelter, which supports the communities of Temecula, Murrieta, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake and Menifee. We also support Villa Chardonnay, Horses with Wings (VC). Villa Chardonnay is a non-profit horse rescue and sanctuary for abandoned horses, dogs, cats, goats and three turkeys. They are currently housing 200 animals. We also support community events such as Paws for the Cure, Oak Mountain Woofs and Purrrs in the Vines, Police K-9’s, etc.

AFV’s Wines for Canines and Kitties:

One of the two biggest shelter fundraisers of the year is held in the month of March at Wiens Winery. Our ladies purchase three tables for this event. To help promote animal shelter adoptions, a past member of our Animal Advocates Committee (a professional multimedia specialist and web designer) created animal rescue videos which were presented at Wines for Canines and Kitties. In the creation of these videos, we worked closely with Animal Friends of the Valleys and used video     footage taken at the shelter to tell a story. The videos showcased rescue shelter animals and followed one particular dog's journey from a state of abuse to the time he met his new, loving family. Our own TVWC members were also featured in the videos, with their beloved pets. The shelter is now using these videos in their educational programs and fundraising events to help promote shelter adoptions! The estimated value of each video production was $3,000, which is considered to be an in-kind donation.

View the videos 

FORE... the Animals Golf Tournament:

Each year, several of our ladies work at this event setting up, selling raffle tickets, operating the silent auction tables and clean up. Our committee donates silent  auction baskets to this event. We provide a light breakfast for all the participants. The shelter counts on us to help run the fundraiser smoothly.

Home for the Holidays:

For the past several years, our committee members have created “Home for the Holidays” for the animal shelter, Animal Friends of the Valleys. We decorate the shelter for the holidays to make it more inviting and encourage pet adoptions. This has become a tradition that the shelter and staff get excited about and look forward to each year. The event is featured each year in two newspapers and gives PR and appreciation to TVWC! The whole shelter becomes a winter wonderland for the entire month of December. All trees and decorations are donated by TVWC members. We purchase 100 animal Christmas stockings and we fill 50 with cat food, toys and treats and 50 with dog food, toys and treats. With each adoption in December, a family gets a stocking for their new family member. The shelter states that since we started this tradition, adoptions have increased in the month of December.

Sunday Adoptions:

The Animal Advocates Committee recommended to AFV to open the shelter one Sunday each month strictly for adoptions. AFV implemented our recommendation and as a result, adoptions increased significantly.

June Feed Drive:

The Animal Advocates Committee originated showcasing a committee at each TVWC General Monthly Meetings, to collect donations for that committee’s cause. We have been designating June as the homeless animal’s month for the past several years.  As a result of our efforts we average over $1,100 worth of In-Kind donations (which is mostly food for the animals) and a couple of hundred dollars to buy needed supplies.

Animal Friends of the Valleys: Items needed by the shelter.

- FOOD -

* Dogs:

Dry – Iams Proactive adult, small/toy breed and senior plus, Canned/Wet –Iams ground or chunk

* Puppies:

Dry – Iams Proactive, Healthy Naturals or Premium, Canned/Wet – Iams ground

or puppy chunks

* Cats:

Dry – Iams Proactive adult and mature adult, Canned/Wet – filet, sauce or pate’

* Kittens:

Canned/Wet – Dry – Iams Proactive or Healthy Natural, Healthy Kitten Pate’


   * Kitty litter (for multiple cats)

   * Blankets and towels

   * Kong toys for afternoon treats with peanut butter

   * Laundry detergent

   * Bleach

   * Dish detergent (not antibacterial)

   * 34 gallon black trash bags/leaf bags for the oversized garbage cans on site


Villa Chardonnay Fundraisers:

VillaChardonnay_The-Mane-EventVilla Chardonnay has various fundraisers, throughout the year, as needed to    support the animals. As of 2015, they announced that they will have an annual   Holiday Fundraiser at Wilson Creek Winery each December. 

Typical VC stories include:  One horse named Blackie, who was featured in the Press-Enterprise newspaper, was rescued after being abandoned and tied to a post for three weeks without food. Blackie nearly died but now lives at the sanctuary, happy and healthy!

Another horse named Nitro, who won his owner over $200,000 at the racetrack, was discarded at age 7 due to leg injuries from the track. Nitro was headed to the slaughterhouse and was rescued by Villa Chardonnay. Following the rescue it was discovered that Nitro is the great grandson of Secretariat!  Nitro is also doing well in the care of Villa Chardonnay.

Read about Nitro Active, grandson of Secratariat, who resides at Villa Chardonnay horse sanctuary here in Temecula.   These two stories are typical of the over 150 rescued horses living at Villa Chardonnay.

Villa Chardonnay: Items needed by the sanitary


* Shavings - medium to small preferred

* Fly control sprays

* Heavy rubber stall mats

* Manure rakes in good condition

* DG - decomposed granite

*  Wheel barrels in good condition


* Shelters - pipe corral or any shelter with a roof to protect the horses from rain and sun

* Fencing

* Gates


* Glucosamine

* De-wormers - all kinds, they will rotate

* Medical supplies - gauze, horse aspirin

* Vitamins

* CARROTS!  (...this is a direct request from the horses!)

* Horse treats

* Ivermectin/Zimecterin Gold Wormers

* Urine smell eliminators and stall disinfectant

- TACK -

* Cross ties


* Bobcat

* Golf-cart or 4 wheeler with a cart in tow

* Farrier tools so they can cut costs and take care of things in-house

* Tractor

Please visit their websites for more insight and information:

Animal Friends of the Valleys - our local animal shelter
Villa Chardonnay - horse rescue and sanctuary

Our Animal Advocates Committee has successfully partnered with these non-profit organizations to help advance the care of homeless animals in our communities. We also participate, work, and donate to other animal events throughout the year such as Police K-9’s, Paws for the Cure, and Oak Mountain Diabetic Dog fundraisers ,among other various animal worthy causes.


Click here to view videos from

   * Wines for Canines 2015, 2013, 2012

   * ABC News interviews with Villa Chardonnay