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Conservation Committee – March Activities

Urban Walk – Harveston

March 3, 2017

After about an hour’s walk  – with some walkers doing two or even three laps, we were able to use the Harveston Clubhouse patio (thanks to arrangements made by Harveston homeowner, Annette Beck) for refreshments and information sharing.

Thank you to Elle Ross for some of these Harveston photos.



Visit to the Murrieta Valley High School Garden Club

Wednesday, March 8

Our check for $300 was presented to the MVHS Garden Club Advisor, Don Fitzgerald.

This year the Murrieta Valley High School’s garden is really taking shape.  The culinary arts teacher has ordered a hydroponic system so that the club members can use it to grow fresh herbs for her classes.  Students will be incorporating different soil amendments in each garden box to research which soils work the best with their crops and growing conditions.  Because the summer crop is expected to be highly productive this year, the advisor is searching for senior centers and food pantries where the students could donate the food not used in the school’s culinary programs.


Visit to Mary Phillips Senior Center, Temecula

Friday, March 10


Pictured right – Recreation Leader,  Jacob Maldonado, Denise, Margaret and Yvette Martinez, Community Services Supervisor. 


Seniors from the center were invited to join us during the presentation of our donation and the planting of the two trees donated by MVHS Garden Club Advisor, Don Fitzgerald. Reserved parking spots & a shade canopy put up just for the occasion.  What a nice event.  


Action shot!  Margaret is helping tap down the roots of one of the new fruit trees. Jean is in the background getting lots of sun.    



What a lovely table the Senior Center staff prepared for our visit.  The Center has asked if TVWC could be listed as a sponsor.  Juanita said that was just fine and very nice of them too.   You will notice that these garden boxes are huge!  Produce from the garden is shared at each senior lunch at the center for anyone who wants to take home fresh vegetables from the garden.  Temecula is combining some senior services and activities with other programs in the city in an effort to integrate various groups.   Some programs for mentally challenged youth will be teaching students how to garden in this facility. 

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